Petean, F. F., Naylor, G. J. P., & Lima, S. M. Q. (2020). Integrative taxonomy identifies a new stingray species of the genus Hypanus Rafinesque, 1818 (Dasyatidae, Myliobatiformes) from the Tropical Southwestern Atlantic. Journal of Fish Biology. doi:10.1111/jfb.14483

An integrative approach by congruence of genetics, morphology, and ecological niche modelling was used to delimit a new species of Hypanus Rafinesque, 1818, a recently resurrected genus of marine stingrays comprising eight species, five of which occur in the Western Atlantic. The species with the wi…

Bemis, William


Collecté Sciaenidae et identifié Ambystomatidae

Samuel Garman
Garman, Samuel

* 05 juin 1843 – 30 septembre 1927 †


Collecté Equidae et identifié Dactyloidae

Axel Theodor Goës
Goës, Axel Theodor

* 03 juillet 1835 – 20 août 1897 †


Collecté Poritidae et identifié Brassicaceae

Identifié des Dasyatidae