Dos Santos Silva, A. M., Santos, M. V., da Silva, L. D., dos Santos, J. B., Ferreira, E. A., & Santos, L. D. T. (2021). Effects of irrigation and nitrogen fertilization rates on yield, agronomic efficiency and morphophysiology in Tithonia diversifolia. Agricultural Water Management, 248, 106782. doi:10.1016/j.agwat.2021.106782

Tithonia diversifolia (Tithonia) is performed as an invasive species with a high adaptive potential that can be used for several purposes, including an alternative source of forage for different animal categories. The use of Tithonia is growing rapidly as farmers recognize its high accumulation of b…

Standley, Paul Carpenter

* 21 mars 1884 – 02 juin 1963 †


Identifié des Rubiaceae et collecté des Asteraceae

Sykes, William Russell

* 13 octobre 1927 – 05 janvier 2018 †

Royaume-Uni; Nouvelle-Zélande

Identifié des Poaceae et collecté des Poaceae

Turner, Billie Lee

* 1925 – 27 mai 2020 †


Identifié des Asteraceae et collecté des Asteraceae

Identifié des Asteraceae et collecté des Asteraceae