Marchioro, C. A., & Krechemer, F. S. (2021). Prevention is better than cure: Integrating habitat suitability and invasion threat to assess global biological invasion risk by insect pests under climate change. Pest Management Science. doi:10.1002/ps.6486

BACKGROUND: Invasive alien species cause substantial impacts on ecosystem, economy, and public health. Therefore, identifying areas at risk of invasion and establishment is essential for the development and implementation of preventive measures. In this study, we integrated information on species ha…

Clark, Hamlet

* 30 mars 1823 – 10 juin 1867 †

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

Collecté Chrysomelidae et identifié Chrysomelidae

Wittmer, Walter

* 1915 – 29 juin 1998 †


Collecté Chrysomelidae et identifié Melyridae