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Carrasco, J., V. Price, V. Tulloch, and M. Mills. 2020. Selecting priority areas for the conservation of endemic trees species and their ecosystems in Madagascar considering both conservation value and vulnerability to human pressure. Biodiversity and Conservation 29: 1841–1854.

Nom scientifique Collecté par Identifié par Date de collecte Date identifiée Famille Organisme Numéro de catalogue État du type Type d'occurrence
collecté Asplenium poolii Baker Pool, W. 1876-04-00 Aspleniaceae K K000423990 Unknown type material PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collecté Ceradenia deltodon (Baker) Parris W. Pool F. Rakotondrainibe et al. 1876 2018 Polypodiaceae MO 100200166 Holotype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collecté Tectaria fibrillosa (Baker) J.P. Roux W. Pool J.P. Roux 2009 Dryopteridaceae MO 100407655 Holotype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collecté Diplazium nemorale (Baker) Schelpe W. Pool Athyriaceae MO 100383086 Holotype PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collecté Floribundaria flaccida (Mitt.) Broth. W. Pool Magombo 2000 Meteoriaceae MO 90092848 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collecté Arthropteris parallela C. Chr. W. Pool Tectariaceae MO 100407931 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collecté Athyrium arborescens (Bory) Milde W. Pool Athyriaceae MO 100386726 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN
collecté Davallia chaerophylloides Pool, W. Christensen, C. 1930-00-00 Davalliaceae K K000571619 PRESERVED_SPECIMEN